About Us

It all started when Lianne was a child, who did not want to throw out her favourite pair of pants she ripped playing basketball so she turned them into something she could keep wearing: a whole matching outfit. Her passion for brands, designing, fashion, and sneakers all started at a young age while playing sports and listening to R&B tunes.

While living out in Amsterdam and traveling through London and Barcelona, she was so inspired by the way people would piece together fits with sneakers, the art and culture. Moving back to Toronto allowed her to dig deep and go through a personal development journey where she revisited her creative side.

 A few months later, she stumbled upon a sneaker workshop where everything changed. She was reconnected with her younger self again the creative free-spirited soul. Creating that sneaker got her thinking, what if she could do more with textile waste to create an impact in the environment? So she did, she began thrifting more, buying less fast fashion and sewing pieces together while learning as much as she could about sustainable fashion. She finally decided,

“let me make a positive impact in the world by combining my passions for sustainability, sneakers, fashion and culture through my creativity”

and that’s when Repurpus came to life.

Thank you for helping us minimize our impact and making it a greener place! 
XO Lianne